Dear Zoo Touch and Feel Review

have the original Dear Zoo lift and flap book already and it is very much loved
by my boys, they learnt it word perfect from memory because it was a firm
favourite, so I wondered how you could actually improve on that… Well
with Dear Zoo celebrating its 30th birthday this year, as hard as it
is to perfect a classic they went along and tried, and luckily along came Dear
Zoo Touch and Feel!

The same delightful
story by Rod Campbell, just leaving the flaps behind and instead you have a
multitude of different surfaces to experience instead. If you have a baby or toddler I think this
addition might last longer, as our flaps definitely took a beating when the
boys were younger. Children love
nothing more than ripping them out of the book! This edition seems more sturdy and to be honest even more fun!

the boys and myself liked the frog’s sticky feet best, you cannot stop touching
them its quite addictive! The different
textures really intrigued my boys.

for younger children it would be a good first book to develop their sense of
touch, teaching them about rough, smooth and patterned materials. Just
watch out the lion does not bite you when you put your finger in his
mouth! You have been warned! With the new artwork and the exciting
textures it is like a whole new book.

Zoo is published by Macmillan Children’s books and available to buy for £7.99
from the 30th of August. Currently
on Amazon for £4.71, whoop!

One thought on “Dear Zoo Touch and Feel Review

  1. dear zoo has always been one of our favourites. It's a shame they are getting a bit older or I would get this copy 🙂

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