eCo Force Cleaning Products Review and Competition

do not have a natural affinity with cleaning, as my mum says I am a good mum
but a rubbish housewife! My husband has
got used to living in a distressed house and has learnt quickly the best way to
ensure meals are edible is for him to cook them himself. But perhaps I was just not inspired enough,
because I have to admit even I felt my heart rate quicken and the urge to clean
something when I opened a package revealing all of these…

Yes me actually wanting to clean, who would have thought
it! I think Cinderella didn’t need a
fairy godmother waving a magical wand, what she really needed was a Dishmatic
to get through the dishes in record speed leaving her more time to beautify and
meet the Prince quicker! I have always
wanted to own a Dishmatic, so this is a life long dream. I should have just bought one earlier
really, but I never quite got round to it.

Be gone dirty dishes! Plight me no longer…

It is such a handy little gadget (only costing £1.33) dispensing the
right amount of bubbles to do a great job with the dishes. I do have a tendency to overestimate how
much washing up liquid I need to use otherwise…

have to admit we do have some slovenly habits after a long day if we are very
tired we do the dishes in the morning (sorry Kim and Aggie!), then I have to
tackle wielded on rice crispies from the boys bedtime snack and beans that are
clinging to the pan like limpets. With
an assortment of scourers to surpass anything Kim and Aggie have in their cleaning armoury
I have made light work of everything. 
The quilted multipurpose cloths are washable so you can reuse again and
again. I love it when you can wash them
as it saves a fortunate buying more each time.

pegs are great, as they have no metal pieces to go rusty and yacky! Especially with the sheer amount of rain we
have here in Wales. They are really
strong so no danger of your clothes blowing into next door’s garden or into the
muddy hole my boys have decided would make a great feature in the middle of the
lawn! Perhaps this will be the much
needed drive to reduce my tumble dryer habit! After all fresh air and sunlight are free and every penny counts
when you have a young family to raise.

are decidedly less painful with proper cleaning and laundry products; I think
hubbie may keel over in shock when he comes home to a freshly polished
house. But what I like best about eCo
Force is that all the products are made from recycled materials, so excellent
for the environment too. My boy’s love
helping me with the recycling, putting all the bottles, tins, paper and
cardboard in the correct boxes. I am
glad to live in Wales where we charge for carrier bags, we all have a
commitment to the future of the planet and need to help in our own little ways,
which together will make a HUGE difference. So buying these products is a good step in the right direction!

can find out more about the eCo Force range here including stockists.

enter the competition to win cleaning goodies worth £50 complete the
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160 thoughts on “eCo Force Cleaning Products Review and Competition

  1. Dishmatic looks good… At least Cinderella got to go to the ball, I still cleaning up the home in the evenings once kids asleep lol.

  2. I am a cleanliness freak and go through loads of cleaning stuff! I am one of those people who cannot go to bed if the kitchen is not sparkling and the kids toys/clothes etc are not put away! I HATE MESS!

  3. The Dishmatic looks ace, I go OTT with the washing up liquid, this would be handy thing to get and cut down on my use of washing up liquid

  4. I already use the ecoforce pegs – they are great! But would love to try the rest of their products, especially the dishmatic. I know what you mean by welded-on cereal – my son eats tons of Weetabix, and that's a nightmare to remove if left overnight 🙂

  5. I'd love to win this, I'm not particularly good at keeping the place clean and tidy, so could do with any help I can get! 🙂

  6. Great to have eco – cleaning products.

    I love anything recycled. i am always doing my bit, we have 3 bins
    and a small
    food bin. As well as clothes at our local supermarket.

  7. My baby is three months old and the last time I cleaned was… three months ago. Some safe, eco products might help me blitz it!

  8. I'm going to make this comment quick – as it's a wet, rainy day and I'm fed up anyway, I'm off to clean the cooker!! 🙂

  9. Anything at all that makes cleaning and keeping my housework under control a bit easier sounds just wonderful 🙂 Please enter me into the giveaway x

  10. Love that these are made from recycled materials! Not a great fan of doing the dishes but feels great when it's done & that Dishmatic looks like it makes life a lot easier!

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