Half-Baked Cake Review

was so pleased we did not have to miss an opportunity intended for London
bloggers, as frankly I love cake (it keeps me calm in any parenting
crisis!). Despite living in North Wales
I scheduled a trip especially so not to miss out… okay hands up I was in the
area anyway to review Lollibop for Poppy Cat and the PR kindly sent it to my
friend’s house so we could still eat cake!

And boy did we need some decent cake after hiking around
London to the Zoo, a duck tour and the Lollibop festival. With energy levels severely depleted and
given the heat I thought we would pass out at any moment. Luckily the cake was so easy to make, that
the hardest part was resisting the delicious smell coming from the oven and
letting it bake in peace…

Cake has an RRP of £5 and is worth every penny! The Farmhouse Apple Cake was scrumptious. I had planned to take a photograph of a
slice of the cake on a plate accompanied by a nice beverage but it was wolfed
down by everyone at record speed! You
can however enjoy a lovely picture of the cake prior to consumption.

can be heartbreaking if you slave over your home baking for hours, getting the
kitchen in a jolly good mess, to create a masterpiece, which is polished off far too quickly, fortunately you have no such reservations with Half-Baked Cake. You spread on the apple and sultana mix on
to the base, place cake in the oven and wait to cook, it really is that simple. Then drizzle some icing on top when cooled
and hey presto you have a deceptionally tasty home baked cake that no one would
think could possibly come from a packet!

can find out more from the website, I readily admit I lingered too long over
the other variants on there. I think
the PR has just whetted my appetite sending one cake, now I NEED to try some
more! Heads off to Tesco.

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