Jingle Puzzle Review and Competition

I only scanned the press release so somehow in my head
(and over active imagination!) I had
decided we were reviewing a musical jigsaw but when it arrived I realised it
was not. It is a jigsaw accompanied
with a CD and a song sheet to enjoy alongside the puzzle. Am I disappointed, not really as the animal
songs CD was much loved by youngest, but pieces with sounds would have been
even more enjoyable!

Eldest (aged 5) happily did the Old MacDonald Had A Farm
jigsaw, which has an age range of 3-6.

Youngest may have been willing to help normally but he was resting on
the sofa, still in a state of shock after our visit to see a puppet show
today. One of the characters, the old
granny really freaked him out, whereas he quite liked the big bad wolf… (Go
figure!). The jigsaw had lots of colourful imaginary and both boys liked seeing all the farm animals.

I think you get lots for your money with this puzzle. It has an RRP of £9.99, but you get a large
strong good quality puzzle, a sing along CD, activity stickers and a little
activity booklet.

The activity booklet
is great, it has the song sheet, some colouring in to do, a selection of can you spot
questions so children can develop their observational skills and a silly
mistakes picture (this is a good one to get a sense of your child’s perception
of what is right in the world – like seeing a cow sporting a pink sock?).

Perfect for the summer holidays for your child to sing and
dance, do some activities and stick the stickers on the walls when mummy is not
looking… Nursery rhymes are also great
for building language skills, with the repetition in the songs. So this is lots of fun and also a great
educational set. I always consider my
boys sporting or crafting needs, but I never thought of their musical ability,
I am going to put more emphasis on this, thanks musicroom for helping us on
that journey!

Available to buy from musicroom (with plenty more there to
encourage an interest in music!)

If you would like to win one of these puzzles then please fill in the rafflecopter below by the 19th of August.
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74 thoughts on “Jingle Puzzle Review and Competition

  1. I love the look of this puzzle, my little girl is 3 and suddenly mad on puzzles, she's very musical too so i like the added extra involved! would love to try this out with her.

  2. a nice comment hmmmm okay how about a lovely slice of chocolate fudge cake, warm of course, with chocolate fudge sauce and a layer of toffee filling too, with your choice of whipped cream, clotted cream or ice cream, or all three.  Oh and not forgetting complete peace and quiet while you eat it slowly so that you can savour every mouthful.  Nice enough??  😉

  3. Morning, very misty in Essex, have you enjoyed the olympics?, this is a great prize, i can see where the confusion comes in, have a great weekend, regards too all the family

  4. Thanks for all the hardwork you put into your blog and for yet another great giveaway.  This would make a lovely gift for my toddler so count me in, pls 🙂

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