Lakeland Cake Pop Maker Review

have always gazed rather enviously at pictures of my friend’s cake pops,
wondering how they managed to create such visually appealing delights. Well having been sent a Sweet Treats Cake Pop Maker from Lakeland I can confirm it is really easy to get creative!

you do not need to be put off thinking it looks complicated, just purchase one
of these cake pop makers, a steal at only £19.99, and get your own baking
making the lasting impression (and not because its burnt!).

The instructions are simple to follow, plenty of recipes
and help with cooking and cleaning your new machine. All very user friendly, even for a bubblehead such as

value gift for anyone who loves baking or just as a fantastic children’s
activity, my boys absolutely loved getting involved with the sprinkles and had
lots of fun decorating. It is a
pleasant way to pass an afternoon on a rainy day and then you can all settle
down to eat your bounty in front of a family film!

think this Cake Pop Maker will open up a world of possibilities adding cocoa
power for chocolate ones, experimenting with candy melts (yes I have finally
learnt what one is!), dusts and essences to create the tastiest cake pop in
town. The picture below I would love to
claim as my own, but alas it is not (I pinched it off Lakeland!), but does go to show just how imaginative
you can be with cake pops. I do not
think I will look at cupcakes the same anymore; a cake on a stick just seems so
much more entertaining!

can buy cake pop bags and gift boxes from Lakeland. Your cake pops can then be beautifully presented and make
relatively inexpensive gifts for family and friends. Also they make a great looking treat for children’s parties, if
you make them look fancy enough, children will be so impressed you might even get
away with ditching the party bag full of sweets and just hand them a cellophane
wrapped tasty treat! I am not sure if I
am brave enough to try this (I may have a rebellion on my hands if I ditch the
much loved party bag, but in terms of money saving I am sorely tempted!).

house should have a cake pop maker; I do not think it will be a gadget you find
lurking in the back of a cupboard covered in dust. I believe we will be returning to it again and again! After all who doesn’t need some cake in their

Head over to Lakeland, I always feel inspired just browsing! Imagine how proud you would feel when you actually make something you never thought you could!

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