Leapfrog Tag Reading System Review

Leapfrog Tag Reading System is one of my new favourite items in the world… it
means I can sit peacefully and feel smug because my boys are having a story,
but I do not have to do anything!

it wrong to be a little slothful sometimes? 
Given how much I have been on the go since my two monkeys were born, I
guess its nice to take time out and put my feet up, drink hot tea (for a
change!) and watch them learning (whilst keeping one eye on Come Dine with
of course). Lazy parenting at
its best with the help of a magic tag pen, but if you could see some of the
things they are learning (using the additional available materials) you would
be impressed to say the least.

were sent the Solar System Adventure Pack (currently £12.97 from Amazon) and
the World Map Activity Board (only £10 at the moment from Amazon) to complement
our tag reader review. The prices
surprise me as I genuinely thought they would be priced considerably higher, in
my opinion they are worth that and more. 
There are lots to see and do with each pack.

Map has two sides, a physical map (with animals, landmarks and children) and a
political map with the countries. 
Hugely educational, but a lot of fun at the same time, there are games
to play, facts to learn and rewards to download on completing them. The reward system is a little highlight for
eldest who thrives on knowing he did a good job!

are all pitched for 4-8 year olds, but like I said this will also be popular
for younger children. They will enjoy
just placing the tag reader onto different things and hearing what
happens. Eldest in contrast likes the
challenges and learning more about the world around him. Youngest on the other hand was just happy
clapping and dancing away to the musical facts in the Solar System pack; it was
quite a groovy beat!

Solar System pack had some stickers you could also use the tag reader with,
they could then be placed in the passport to the planets booklet, but ours
found themselves on the playroom wall. 
It is a novelty having stickers that you can actually hear aloud with
the help of the reader.

mind the children I have learnt so many new things already! Do you know it would take us TWO WEEKS to
eat what a grizzly bear eats in ONE DAY! 
Seriously I feel less greedy now just thinking of that!!! Eldest liked hearing that the Bald Eagle
builds nests with so many sticks it can weigh more than a car… the map is
crammed with this kind of useful information. 
He will go back to school and the teachers will look at me amazed like
how did I bestow all this information on his young shoulders!

you can use your boards or books with your tag reader you do need to download
the audio from Leapfrog, this can be a pain when your children are literally
begging to start playing “NOW MUMMY”, but it is thankfully a quick and painless
process, so do not panic!

Leapfrog have already impressed me with the LeapPad, so I guess it is only to be
expected to keep seeing wonderful things from a great company!

Tag Reader (in green) is available to buy from Amazon. They have brought the price down again and
it is only £24. Christmas is on the
horizon people… and so many learning opportunities here (cup of tea anyone!).

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