Little Baby Company Review

Baby Company was launched back in 2007, but do not let the name fool you there
is plenty for all aged children to be found here. So many lovely gift ideas, some quite original and a few
excellent bargains! I am so pleased I
have stumbled upon them as I am getting some fantastic inspiration ready for
Christmas. Also if you had a new baby
on the way, you could have the best nursery in town with some of their
decorative accessories.

We were sent the Mini Rabbit LED light; it emits a decent amount of light and does not appear to get
hot (I have been checking it routinely to make sure!). I had to rub my eyes when I saw the price of
£4.95, which seems exceptionally cheap for such a lovely item. Most children are anxious about the dark at
some point so a spot of light can really reassure and settle them. Some night-lights are very expensive but
this little rabbit can do the job just as well to be honest… (They even have a
mini toadstool one!)

a rabbit meant eldest instantly loved it but I found it useful as I have a
tendency to forget to plug in their other night lights and give them enough
time to charge, using batteries means I do not have a panic come bedtime that
the night light is not ready. I simply
switch it on, say my goodnights and leave the room with two boys content to
drift off to sleep.

other item we were sent to review was the Djeco Children Of The World sand art kit (which is
currently on offer for £6.45), we have not used sand kits before and I was
impressed how much fun they are to use and surprisingly not that messy! It has ages 6-11 on the box, but our
youngest who is three with a little help really enjoyed himself.

You would think giving my boys free reign with an
assortment of coloured sand pots would result in a small vivid beach around us,
but using the box with its specially pouring spout meant the unused sand
returned to the pots without any fuss and minimum chaos!

The hardest part was opening the pots, screw
tops would have been easier, but it’s only a small criticism as the set on the
whole is very well thought out. You
even get a little tool to help remove the stickers, well youngest thought it
was a scraping tool so he did some handiwork on one of the pictures and it
looked more rustic… but then reading the instructions more thoroughly now for
the review I found the true purpose of the tool!!! I wish we had known earlier
as I was moaning to the in-laws how tricky it was to get the tiny stickers off…

Doing an art with numbers set helped them be more
familiar with their numbers, youngest was practising matching up the number on
the board then looking for the corresponding sand pot. It was wonderful seeing the boys handling a
different type of medium in their crafting. 
Two of the in-laws foster girls really enjoyed taking part too doing a picture together and they
are 11 and 15. So this is an item with
lots of appeal for girls and boys of a wide age range.

My two were very proud of their creations and I would
happily try sand art again. A great
rainy day activity you could even frame the end result for colourful wall art for their bedrooms.

Find out more from the Little Baby Company website.

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