Lollibop Festival 2012

This Sunday we went to the Lollibop third annual festival
and I am so pleased we had a chance to be there. We came as the guests of Poppy Cat but even as a paying customer
I would have gladly shelled out for an experience of a lifetime (although I
would have kept an eye out for the early bird rate on the website). Lollibop is located in the lush Regents Park
in London and was easy enough to find even for tube novices like us!

arrived as Lollibop opened (10am) chomping at the bit to get started and stayed
till 4:30pm, in that time my boys saw Mister Maker, danced with Poppy Cat, did
some painting, cuddled Clifford the Big Red Dog, found out more about Skylander
Giants, did some clay modelling, met a mechanical (but very life like) polar
bear, danced, sang and generally rocked out!

The acts are very appealing and there is so much to pick and choose
from, whatever your child loves they will find it here (and far more!).

there were queues (at one point I did get a little bored and when a nine year
old questioned why my son had a special lanyard I mentioned how he was a regular
star on Cbeebies and was there as a VIP, naughty I know but it stopped him from
repeatedly trying to queue hop us!), it was also exceptionally hot but there
were plenty of spots designed specifically to get some shade. There were also heaps of characters walking
around so you might suddenly find yourself being serenaded by Titan the Robot
(lovingly crooning lady in red at me… trust me on my wardrobe choice for that
day, my cheeks soon matched my top colour!) or being chased by a big friendly
dog and his very giant owner! So it is
easy to be very forgiving of the odd queue as there is lots of entertainment
you can just join in with straight away.

We had a mini shower and thunder storm at one point in the day luckily it vanished quickly and did not dampen our spirits, we just found some shelter and at the same time learnt some new dance moves. Just wait till I strut my Tiny Pop moves in the next nightclub I visit! There seemed to be ample Portaloo’s for demand! Well we never had to wait on any of our repeat visits. They all seemed clean enough and that was a relief as I have a weak stomach!

particularly liked all the seating dotted about, because being on the go is
awfully tiring, but its as if Lollibop have thought of everything, cushions,
bean bags and even deckchairs are scattered around to rest little feet before
heading off to the next bit of excitement. 
I cannot comment on food prices as we all grazed in the press lounge (it
is hard resisting a table spread with pancakes, brownies, strawberries and
cava!). We did spend almost £20 on two
bubble guns but other than that everything else we did was included in the
price. As the event went on till 6pm we
would have had time to do the last couple of things we missed before it closed,
but we needed to get on the road back to Wales. So do leave a full day to get round everything and come fully
prepared for more fun than you could normally handle in a month!

has been awarded “the best day ever!” by my two. Given the pretty impressive things they have seen already –
Disney on Ice, Ben 10 Monster Truck Show, Cadburys World (okay that was all
about me!), Peppa Pig Land and Legoland this is a high accolade indeed! I really hope we get invited back next year!

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