London on a budget

is surprising how much you can do in the capital on a restricted budget. I thought we would be throwing money around
the place left, right and centre and come home to nurse the overdraft. But we did do a couple of lovely things for
practically small change or no cost at all.

I loved the Rainbow Park full of coloured sand at South
Bank Centre. The boys were thrilled to
see it, whenever we have played with sand before it has been the bog standard
variety so this was a real treat. Completely
free, you just dive in to climb, build and play.

were spoilt and treated to free whippy ice creams by Mastercard. They do a timed treat because supposedly
everyone deserves one! For the five us
of it was a huge bonus and simply priceless… I do not know how often they do
this promotion but if you happy to be in the area look out for a notice board
just in case.

at South Bank (close to the London Eye) we dished out a few pounds here and
there and enjoyed some fairly unique and memorable photo opportunities with the
living statues. It was relatively
inexpensive and the boys really enjoyed it! 
I think a walk through this area is a fun experience. There were other acts too, involving bubble
nets, break dancers and musicians. A
good lively buzz in the air, lots of tourists milling around here! I am just impressed the statues can stay
still for so long, I would admit defeat after a couple of minutes.

of course there is no shortage of free museums, as time was limited we only went
to the Natural History Museum, which was absolutely amazing. I am so impressed that they can give free
entry to such a well stocked and fabulously presented museum.

My boys were in awe of the dinosaur
exhibits. Of course we did spend a
small fortune in the gift shop, but I am sure you could side step the shop and
make a sharp exit to save money! I love
that you can borrow a little explorer’s set, eldest was in his element wearing
a little hat, diving into the backpack and checking out the clues.

He was fascinated by the whole
experience. This is a must for any
visit to London!

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