McAfee All Access 2012 Household Review

I am not a very technical person (I leave that side of
things to my capable hubbie), but I totally understand the importance of decent
virus software to protect your computer. 
I know the consequences if you do not, I once had a bunch of naughty
viruses decide to party on my computer, they caused havoc, opening pop-ups all
over the place, corrupting files and at their worst they like nothing better
than running off with your personal information! There are plenty of free to download virus protection on the net,
but they are not as comprehensive as what is available to buy. With viruses updating themselves at record
speed to be more creative and sneaky in their attacks, you need maximum
protection. Would you leave your front
door open and a sign saying help yourself… well not having virus software is
basically doing the same!

like the household edition because most households have a computer and a smart
phone and in some even more. We are not
quite as fancy as some of our friends who have a tablet for each of their
children! Here the McAfee All Access
2012 Household shines, with this security suite you can protect up to five of
your all-important devices (PC’s Macs, Tablets and Smartphones).

I confess after my earlier spiel we actually
did not even think about getting any anti-virus for our smart phone, how silly
is that, considering you may be accessing sites like banking and personal
emails when your out and about on the go, it is really important to show the same
care you would for your home computer. 
Earlier in the year there was many a news article about the direct link
between smart phone usage and identity theft. 
I let a sigh of relief out when the software removed a threat from our
phone, how could we have not even considered it!

key McAfee features that can make you feel safer using a smart phone:

Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, and Anti-phishing

This is the basis of most of the higher end security
suites, it scans and clears and malicious coding found in emails, files
attachments and SMS.

Searching and Shopping

This great feature protects you against potential web
threats by blocking risky links and phishing sites


With this handy feature you can remotely lock all data on your
smart phone to prevent any misuse, which is especially useful if you lose your

Wipe Data

With this element you can not only remotely erase all data
on your phone but simultaneously backup data before to wipe commences.

and Track

I wish I had this feature with my old phones, baby brain
used to make it impossible to remember where I left the darn thing (that or the
children sneak of and hide it!), if you lose your phone you can view its
location on a map, send a SMS to prompt its return or make it scream by setting
a remote alarm! Hooray it was under the
sofa all along!

process to download and install this security suite was relatively easy. You
need to create an account at McAfee’s website input your product key and download
via the account log in screen.
For your smart phone you can input your telephone number and McAfee sends a
free sms with a download link directly to your phone. It’s as simple as that!

McAfee is
keeping my laptop safe and speedy:


Most security suites worth its salt has a real time scanner
that assesses risks as they happen to help keep your pc secure.


I have not really heard of a two way firewall I always
thought they blocked incoming threats but this feature prevents malicious
software from not only downloading but uploading too.


As I said I have been infected with virus’s before but it
always seems to be a struggle for hubby to get antivirus reinstalled, however
this little gem helps remove infection from the moment software installs for
the first time.

Start-Up and Scan Times

The antivirus scanner is fast to load and runs quick
without effecting the use of the computer. 
No one wants to wait forever for a scan to complete, with it slowing
down all your other programs especially if your busy trying to write a review
to a deadline…


With McAfee “QuickClean” you can happily declutter your pc
(browser files, unused applications and other un-needed files
get removed) – now we all love a bit of decluttering
and freeing up memory giving the computer a much needed speed boost! Shame it cannot get to work on my house

Blocking and Controls

Allowing you to block web-based and online play of PC games helps protect your children
from chatting with strangers or limit the time they spend playing. Now I will try and figure this one out on my
own and block world of warcraft lol! I
will finally have my hubbie back! Thank
you McAfee, great for viruses and marital happiness!

This package costs £74.99 and provides one years cover for
up to 5 devices with all of those great features I have outlined. Purchasing this will definitely help your
peace of mind as the parental controls feature is great for safe family
surfing, you can relax knowing you are doing the best you can to protect your
family. It might seem slightly more
than you would normally spend, but this level of security over 5 devices only
works out at £14.99 per device, so for families with a multitude of technical
gadgets this is a must!

installing the suite it has blocked over 6400 potentially malicious connections
in just three days! I think this is
reason alone to head over to the McAfee website and find out more for yourself.

Available to buy from:

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