Revell X Ray Competition

children can be hard work, sometimes it’s tough to feign enthusiasm when you
are playing shopkeeper for the millionth time. 
“Oh yes I would love an ice cream, oh really the shop is closed
already”… does lose its shine eventually!

is good to focus on activities that still manage to challenge us the grownups
on occasion. Keeping the grey matter
ticking over and stopping the permanent glaze across our zoned out eyes…

this is where model making comes up trumps. 
It is an activity not for the faint hearted, but you can spend many a
happy hour, looking perplexed at the contents of the box, debating how to build
a remarkable model. It gives yourself
and your children an opportunity to improve your construction skills and then
you all admire your handiwork. Forget
nice ornaments a few Revell models on your shelves could look quite decorative.

X ray models are new to the range and very educational, not only do your
children benefit from quality time spent model building, these models show them
the anatomical structure. So you can
see the bones and the organs, your little scientists will love that!

these models are pre-painted and require no glue so less mess in the
house! Hallelujah. With an RRP of £26.99 you might be tempted
to see what the range offers, especially as this is a model kit you can snap
together and then take apart and start all over again and again!

Revell model kits are available from all good toy
and model retailers. For further information visit

enter the competition to win either a giraffe or dog model kit fill in the
rafflecopter below by 12th of September.
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