Ristorante Pizza Review

were sent a voucher to try out one of these pizza’s, luckily they were on offer
in Iceland for £1.40 each so thankfully I managed to get two for 1p…
result! Normally they have an RRP of

I am glad we had an opportunity to revisit this brand as
prior to this we had tried them once before and been really disappointed with
the quantity of topping, it was so sparse it was as if it had been dropped from
a great height! But the toppings of the
two we tried (Mozzarella and Pepperoni – Salame) were quite delicious and
plentiful. So I was pleased our
reservations were unfounded.

Quite an authentic Italian experience supposedly (but not having ever been to Italy unfortunately I cannot confirm or deny this fact!) although I can comment on the lovely thin and crispy base. Also handy was having dinner ready in 10 minutes when your tired after a long day at work. Like most convenience food you do need to make sure you do eat in moderation though, as there is a fair amount of fat and sodium in them! But no more than other pizza brands probably! It’s just normally I do not pay attention, only because I am reviewing I am being more thorough.

to buy from the freezer aisle of all good supermarkets and for more information
check out the website.

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