Scooby-Doo! Spooky Games DVD Review

My boys were a little energised seeing the contents of the
latest lovely offering from Warner Brothers!

They wanted to start an impromptu sports day; it was all we could do to
get a picture of the contents before they raced outside to start playing with
everything! Youngest wanted the whistle first (anything so he could be noisy!).

They did everything apart from a three-legged race; given their
co-ordination this is probably a good thing, as eldest is already sporting one
very tender bump on his head!

After a big exercise session I was more than happy for
them to settle down and watch their new DVD.

Nothing like chilling out with some quality Scooby-Doo. The DVD featured
the all-new 23-minute episode Spooky Games, so perfect for those interested in
sports, obviously a very topical theme at the moment. Scooby makes for an interesting coach, watching scary movies and eating pizza is considered great for endurance! Liking
his kind of training programme. But it
would not be complete without the team solving a baffling case as always, in this case a 1,000 year old statue comes to life!

The rest of the DVD has older episodes from Scooby’s
All-Star Laff-A-Lympics (circa 1978 but the oldies are often the best!) and
these are silly slapstick fun, introducing my boys to other much loved
characters from my youth. Some I wonder
how I even managed to forget like Captain Caveman! The events they compete in are slightly more extreme than what
you would normally expect, why just track race when leprechaun hunting is an
option! Great moral story for children though,
cheats do not prosper. The Really
Rotten team (comprising of some sneaky villains) hardly ever win because of
their weakness for cheating. Boo Hiss!

only £4.99 from Amazon, this would make a lovely stocking filler or just fun
for the summer holidays. Last Christmas
my eldest had another Scooby-Doo DVD off Father Christmas and he was
thrilled. He loves Scooby-Doo; he has a
soft toy, multiple DVD’s, the Mystery Machine and lots of characters. You can never have enough Scooby-Doo! So this is a great bargain to add to their
collections and they would certainly award it with a gold!

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