Thank you Poppy Cat!

big thank you to Poppy Cat for our tickets to Lollibop.


Youngest especially loved seeing Poppy Cat there (a
Lollibop first, I do hope to see Poppy Cat back again next year and going on
the reaction of all the children I think they felt the same!). We were sat in the front row for story time;
on comfy cushions listening to a very lively but lovely storyteller go through
two books with Poppy Cat and us the audience helping with actions. It was a great opportunity to get up and be
involved, moving about, using our imaginations and burning off some energy!

of the stories had a pirate theme so eldest suggested we all needed parrots,
the storyteller kindly added this to the act and we all donned our parrots
after naming them of course! The
storyteller was great rolling with whatever the audience came up with.


would have tried to get a photo of my boys with Poppy Cat for my post, but I
think poor Poppy Cat would have been stampeded by all the little fans wanting
the same, so we made do with some exciting photo’s from afar instead (and
youngest of course kept blowing over some kisses!).


in the Village Green there was a chance to do the Copy Poppy dance. Youngest was in his element shaking and
groovy along, but he did have a head start already having seen the video before
the festival.


wanted to leave this message for Poppy Cat:


love you and I want to kiss and cuddle you!”

So until next time they meet again he is going to be watching more of hisĀ Birthday Treasure and Other Adventures DVD.

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