Toys R Us Toyologist 2012

Seeing as its all official
and the announcement has now been made I can confirm we are one of the twenty
four toyologists for 2012 with Toys R Us! Whoop Whoop!


We are part of the Green Group for children 4-6, but fear not if your children are younger or older and you want advice on toys, there are two further groups testing (the Purple Group aged 0-36 months and the Blue Group aged 7+ years).


Still in a little bit of a state of shock as despite trying for this for
the third year we never quite imagined actually being picked!!!


Now I should start a teary
acceptance speech thanking everyone special in my life (including the cats)… or not haha!


But if your curious to see
the entry that got us picked here it is:




are awaiting box 1 filled with anticipation, wondering what will be in store
for us! Keep checking back to see how
we get on and get some ideas for Christmas 2012.

You can read more about the
other winners and what we all get up to here.


Also to thank you my lovely followers I am busily behind the scenes getting some very exciting competitions sorted because happy news needs to be shared!

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