Vampires Diaries Blu-ray Review

have been watching this series from the very beginning and have long since
passed the first season (but I desperately wanted to review to pass on the Blu-ray to a
friend who is missing out not seeing the show, and most importantly then she
and I can have the Stefan OR Damon conversations!).

I must admit we were slightly unsure to begin with and
took a few episodes to settle into the show. 
We thought it looked slightly teeny and had some reservations but come
episode three onwards, we started to get more and more suckered in with the
plot and the characters. In the
beginning I did not get the appeal of one of the lead characters, he seemed to
have a very pronounced chin, but now I can see his true potential!!! But Damon is mine so do not get any other
idea’s followers… haha!

are now well and truly hooked, if you have somehow missed Vampire Diaries – did
your TV blow up or you fell in a ditch? Seriously where have you been? it is
worth giving it a chance and seeing what you think. Don’t dismiss it straight away it has continually improved, the
plot is gripping and Vampires are very in at the moment. It is also not quite as gruesome as some of
the other Vampire shows, good for the faint hearted like me! There is plenty of romance and an
undercurrent theme of dark, brooding jealously. All I can say is Elena is a very lucky girl! Even with all the drama, she gets to hang
out with two hotties… swoons!

is sometimes a bit lame in her witchery attempts; she spends most of the show
in a state of lethargy because her magic powers drain her (get a grip, have you
tried running around after two young children, drink some red bull or
something!). Caroline is a great
character and one hubbie seems quite partial too!!! I guess I am not in a position to complain given my blood lust
for the two leads…

is hubbie doing his best impression (can I have a rain check on any blood sucking please!):

to buy from Amazon for £11.98

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  1. I was going to watch this, but had missed the first season, so I never got round to it. I might put this on my Christmas wish list

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