We are going on holiday!

have reached the lofty heights of having our first holiday to review in
September; I still can’t quite believe it is actually happening. We are all beyond excited here to be off to
the lovely Sand Le Mere in East Yorkshire for a stay in a wooden lodge (oooh
fancy!). The site looks fantastic,
having been recently updated to the tune of £4 million, so I hope we are in for
a treat.

Just getting away from it all
will be nice, spending lots of time enjoying the facilities and feeding ducks
by the fishing pond. I am looking
forward to us spending some quality time as a family, enjoying a little luxury
(have you seen the picture of the lodges!!!) and with children’s entertainers,
a swimming pool and a soft play area it will probably work out as a very
inexpensive holiday (even if we had originally had to pay for it!).

would definitely recommend checking out their website and see for yourself how
nice everything looks. But we will
obviously report back after our holiday with a thorough update with how we got

Le Mere is conveniently located for a fair few attractions but we are planning
on visiting The Deep, which looks like the most spectacular aquarium I have
ever seen (and I have been to a few impressive ones in America in my
youth). So if you know of anywhere else
that is a must see in the area do let me know!

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