Artzooka! Review

We were sent two fantastic Artzooka! products, the Paper Pals and Clingzooka from Wooky Entertainment. Our boys have been craft crazy lately and everyday we end up
with a bomb site for a kitchen, that takes hours to restore back to order. This is where
Artzooka! really helps frazzled mums, by supporting our children’s craft habit but with considerable less mess!

Usually they want paint, glitter, little pom poms to stick on, you name it they have some of it stashed away in one of the many old big chocolate tins littered around our house!!! We just needed some glue for the Paper Pals and we were all set.

Both sets are targeted at 5+ however our 3 year old coped very well with the static cling
stickers with the Clingzooka set. The
Clingzooka set includes 250 static cling stickers and several pages for your
child to invent creations on! Great for their imagination, your pal can look as bizarre as you want with the fabulous selection of stickers available to pick from!

I think the Paper Pals set is pitched at the correct age as our 5 year old
was quite competent removing the template from the sheet and folding the
correct sections, he did need a little help with the logistics of holding the
creation together whilst making and gluing its shape but was very pleased with
the overall result!

feel these would make a great addition to Christmas lists this year as it has kept
our two boys happily playing for the afternoon, they even took turns picking
the next static sticker to jazz up their creations! (If only this could happen
every day!). We shall we keeping an eye out for other Artzooka! offerings as they are also quite affordable.

Sets are available to buy from Amazon.

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