Chicken Tonight and Ragu loveliness

a mum of two young boys time is always of an essence, if you leave them too
long together it slowly and gradually turns into an episode of Wrestle
Mania! So meals that can be prepared
much faster result in a much less frazzled mum here!

am not a great cook, I lack inspiration and I am prone to burning things. I have even cooked a knife by accident, I
put holes in the sausages and then forgot to take it out, end result plastic
coated sausage not very gourmet!

I was so happy to see this lovely hamper arrive courtesy of Chicken Tonight and
Ragu. It was just what I needed to
create delicious meals with minimum fuss.

the Ragu selection we have been enjoying bolognaise, lasagne and scrumptious
pasta meals.

It has all been
mouth-watering and I love the flavours.

Between the Chicken Tonight sauces and the Ragu I have barely wanted to
live on any other meals!!! I will leave
preparing meals from scratch until the boys are older and calmer and I have
more time. I say this but when you can
buy their very affordable jars and sachets it would be difficult to spend out
on lots of ingredients even when the boys are happy for me to cook!

am particularly impressed with the Chicken Tonight ‘Simply Bag & Bake’ as
it’s a great way to incorporate appetizing flavours into your cooking for only
£1.39. It comes with a cooking bag and
the seasoning so very simple to create tasty chicken dishes.

the press release it said the average family meal takes around 50 minutes to
prepare (I think they omitted my beans on toast stable we love so much!), but
it is true if you were chopping and dicing you could easily pass that time in a
blur or you could simply open a tasty jar, pour and simmer, using the saved time
wisely to catch up on other things you like doing (for me refereeing the boys
but for others this could be reading a chapter of your book or watching a much
loved episode!).

Tonight and Ragu are both available from all major supermarkets.

more information on Chicken Tonight head to:

more information on Ragu head to:

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