Crazy Talk Animator Pro Review

Hubbie was excited to be reviewing a piece of animation software. The package was swiftly installed onto the computer and put to work. It was great to be able to take pictures of people, toys or basically any item and overlay them into the software, making for a very unique film.

When adding a new character you simply import the picture and then follow the image processing wizard, if you have shot your subject against a solid colour it will make it easier when “cutting” the image out, however its not hard to manually do this like hubbie did (well it kept him out of mischief for a short time anyway!).

You then have to fit a “skeleton” which enables the animation, you also have to size the moveable joints as well, but it is all relatively straight forward when you get the hang of it.

There is a huge variety of templates preloaded to play with, but you can also make and save your own set animations. Another great feature is when you add your own audio to your characters the software will automatically move the puppets mouth.

When hubbie had news of this product, he got our two boys to come up with a quick story so he could transform the boys into their own special little tale. Here it is the short film by the boys with Oscar winning performances even if I do say so myself lol:

It does take some time to get used to the different features and hubbie said in no way has he used all the useful features to their full potential. This movie was made by mostly using the default templates but the whole program does lend itself to the capabilities of a novice through to an expert, which pleases hubbie as it can grow with him as he learns.

Some of the default characters:

The boys were amazed when they saw there beloved Elmo on the big screen. This kind of software is great to remember what your children liked and work with them on little fun adventures, these clips will be fond memories you return to again and again. Remembering how they sounded when they were tiny, awww!

You can see a demonstration of the powerful software in action

There is also a helpful tutorial if your struggling

The pro version is quite pricey but if you want to just have some fun with your children then I can highly recommend the standard version which is only £30.49 from Amazon. But you might find yourself wanting all the features as you become a more accomplished animator!

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