Dallas Returns…

With the launch of Dallas tonight at 9pm on channel 5, I
should quickly post up my review of Dallas Series 1 and 2. After all
some of the new actors look quite dishy! 
So it might be worth tuning in for…

was a bit sceptical as to whether I would enjoy the old series so I nominated
hubbie to get viewing in my stead as he is much more of a TV buff than me (also
the main reason being he seems to have so much more free time!!! Seeing as his
own blog ended after three short posts, I am not bitter honest!).

Dallas was originally screened in the 1978’s running
until 1991, hubbie was excited to see why it was placed in the top 100 TV shows of
all time and what all the fuss was about! 
He missed out on the original series but I remember my mum being quite
the fan! She is very pleased, as she
wants to borrow it next and reminisce!

show centres around the Ewing family with oodles of drama and poignant
cliffhangers, the Ewings are an impressive Texan family who are big in the oil
and cattle business. I had to beg hubbie not to don a 10-gallon hat whilst
watching! But he insisted on one for
his review picture… J. R. Ewing eat your heart out or not as the case may be!

was surprised the amount of giggles I was hearing from him whilst he was
watching the program, which kept him quite content each night, feeding back to
me with merriment what happened and what the latest juicy gossip was.

do not want to go into too much detail and ruin your introduction to the show,
but hubbie was gripped from the first episode. 
A son returns home married to a Barnes girl “duh duh duhh” (apologises
for my hubbie’s very vivid wording, I think he is wasted as a receptionist he
should be a film critic – cue heavy sarcasm!).

Barnes’s are a rival family so much fuss and all round commotion to be had
there. That’s not all, the Ewings are most certainly not all sweetness and
light, there are some great power struggles developing. He loved the tension; maybe it reminded him
of our own families’… haha we get on well really!

said what’s not to love about Dallas, there is immense wealth, brawling and romps, everything you love to find in any TV series these days,
and so its no surprise they have brought the show back. But
make sure your tuned into channel 5 at 9pm to see what new levels the two Ewing
brothers will go to, risking everything for domination. Good thing we are poor, as I do not fancy my
two boys going to the lengths these two did over the years, mentally,
physically and financially struggling with one another!!! I have enough problems dealing with standard sibling
rivalry as it is…

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