Galt Competition

I did promise some lovely competitions after being made one of the twenty-four
toyologists (yes sorry to keep milking it, but it was three years in the making
and it only lasts a short three months so I want to rejoice in it whilst it

Here is the first competition (of hopefully MANY!). I love Galt products and have reviewed the
standard Marble Run and thought it was a pretty impressive product, however I
was tempted by the Super Marble Run… well Galt have gone one further with the
Mega Marble Run! My eyes nearly popped
out of my head! It’s like the meals at
McDonalds, always best to super size whenever possible and its no different
here. With this beauty of a set, you
get a staggering 100 pieces, so great value for Β£29.99 with scope for an
abundance of marble adventures!

recently did a play fest with Izziwizzi and they did a fantastic discount on
their products, I went slightly mad after vowing not to buy anything before
November for Christmas, but they had so many lovely craft and game items it
would have been criminal to let the opportunity pass.

boys will be over the moon with the superb selection. Am hoping Whatever Next! board game will get them up and about,
as sometimes they lack the patience for a standard game, as they are always
naturally in motion! So with a game
focused on acting, crawling and hopping I think they will be happily catered
for! I also had to have a Magic Puzzle
for them, eldest has almost every conceivable type of jigsaw stashed away but
one with heat sensitive ink sections to reveal hidden surprises is thrilling!!!

you would like to win a Mega Marble Run then complete the rafflecopter below by
the 20th of September.

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180 thoughts on “Galt Competition

  1. Wow – I had something like this myself when I was small! I was hardly ever allowed to play with it because the spiral lift made such a clatter carrying the marbles up to the top. This of course, made it all the more attractive!

  2. I have a warm fuzzy feeling looking at that LOL! I LOVED marbles as a little girl and had something very similar lol Great competition, thankyou or running it xxx

  3. Both of these toys are great! I had a marble run and I also had one for my son, hours of fun! Also had one of the magic jigsaws for him which was a haunted house, we used to try and rub the black bits really fast to uncover everything at once!

  4. Me and my brother loved to play with this as kids now I'm a mum I had already written this down on the Christmas list as a top idea for my two little boys. Its Timeless good fun but also really helps kids work out how their designs will work. Fantastic prize

  5. Morning again, reading your blog, found these lovely comps, thanks for comp, looks fun over christmas wishing family and you well

  6. This looks fantastic, my little girl adores the marble run at her nursery, this would make the perfect Christmas present for her. πŸ™‚

  7. oops, dont know what has happened here – cant delete it!!! Anyway, I mean the Marble Run is on his wishlist and not a pumpkin!!! :-}

  8. I used to have something similar when I was a kid, it is one of those toys you buy for the children and end up playing with it yourself

  9. Hello πŸ™‚ My three lovely girls would have loads of fun with this – thanks for giving us a chance to win one πŸ™‚

  10. Congrats on the Toyologist, hope it is as much fun as it sounds! πŸ˜€ Great giveaway, my wee boy would love this mammoth marble run πŸ™‚ x

  11. On I remember the marble run when I was little it was such fun. My little ones would love the Galt Marble run was a fab. present for their christmas stocking. !!!

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