Hallmark Recordable Artwork Review

were sent this very original set from Hallmark, youngest was very keen to put
it to good use; I kept finding him running around the house with the box in his
hands! He was after the paints included in the set. It is so different to other craft sets as you also get to record
a little message as a lovely keepsake to accompany the picture.

eldest got to work on his canvas print; Youngest was happy to be using the
paint pots on his own creation. But I
do think I will need to buy another one so he can do his own message when he is
slightly older. They really are
something special to treasure.

Before Eldest started his canvas painting he had a little think
about what he wanted to paint. He then
got to work; he was very excited to be painting onto his very own canvas.

he finished his masterpiece he left it to dry before recording the message to
go with it. The process of recording the message was fairly simple, when you
press the record button it tells you how to record your own message. It can record a message up to 40 seconds, so
plenty of time to explain something about the picture.

Eldest recorded his message he was extremely happy with the end result and
could not wait to get it mounted onto his wall! Now whenever he has anyone in his room (including us!) he announces
you must see my talking artwork! I do
not think the novelty will wear off anytime soon for him! He is so proud (as we are with him!).

to buy for £12.99 from Hallmark stores.

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