HarperCollins New Releases

We were sent three new
books; I think I actually heard our bookshelves groan when they arrived. But they are still three worthy additions,
all tackling the topic of friendship in their own ways.

Moose belongs to me by Oliver Jeffers

love the illustrations in this book the author is extremely talented, coming up
with sweet stories and doing the pictures too. 
The story is all about a boy who comes across a moose and decides he
wants to keep it as his pet – in the high hope of having Marcel run around
after him!

is quite entertaining and filled with great humour. You do find yourself captivated by Wilfred; seeing how he gets on
with training his Moose. It is a good
story about friendship. As much as you
might hope your friend will do exactly what you want, you have to realise they
are an individual and learn to accept them for who they are. They might not always want to do what you
want to, but they might be there when you need them most.

Great Granny Gang by Judith Kerr

book is perfect to get children to respect the older generation. This motley crew of friends had much more
energy than me and they even manage to stop a burglary of a bakery. They are so much larger than life, living
out their dreams and making the most of being alive with a rebellious
streak! Although my youngest thought
the granny characters were silly, in the opening scene when they jump from a
moving van; he said they need to park first. 
Glad he is thinking safety first haha.

it is a fabulous yarn with grannies and their love of adventure, the thrill of
the chase, all lion taming crocodile babysitting adrenaline junkies! Seriously what happened to an appreciation
of knitting, bingo and the WI (not to stereotype here of course sorry!!!). I get tired just reading about their
antics. Might need a lie down now…

really are great!

Walter And The No Need To Worry Suit by Rachel Bright

is the first tale by this author and I was impressed. I definitely hope to read more with my boys. Even the place the characters live got them
in fits of giggles, Woollybottom.

book is a handy starting point to bring up the topic of anxieties with your
child, what worries them and how it makes them feel. Walter’s worries do make you laugh though as they are quite blown
out of proportion and slowly spiralling out of control!

friends with their best intentions try and help by coming up with a special suit
for him to wear so he can compete in the funday events without worrying. With features like magic stay on trousers
and anti giant mouse stamping helmet, it is quite something to behold. But unfortunately the suit and the sports
events are not entirely compatible.

soon learns with just the support of his friends he can do anything and
conquers his fears. It really does
illustrate the importance of friendship and supportive people in our lives.

over to Harper Collins for more information and prices on any of these books.

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