Hive Habitat Set Review

The Entertainer kindly sent us this set; we have a couple of HEXBUGS in residence already so it’s nice for them to expand on their accommodation. I think they are getting spoilt with this latest addition.

I really did like it and I guess mainly because my two boys will go off and play it on their own for AGES. I have not seen them so enthusiastic spending so much time together in such a long time; it’s quite a novelty for me.

The Hexbug Nano Hive Playset is well worth the £25.00 price label. I love that it is so portable, it folds together nicely for taking on journeys, so your children always have something exciting to keep them occupied. I also think it is hard finding affordable presents come Christmas especially if you’re on a small budget, so this is one I think that is well worth the money. You get one nano specimen to play with in the set, but if you had two or three children you could easily buy a couple more so they could all play. Our two managed to share the set nicely (but luckily I already had a few extra nano’s up my sleeve!).

The addition of the construction pieces really kept their interest, they can keep changing the habitat to their liking so never get bored of it. They enjoyed making mazes and keeping the nano’s busy trying to work their way through them. I am surprised by how many pieces are included for the price, usually everything you want to buy that is a considered a “big” present costs at least double this. I guess because it looks small until you unfold it, you get better value!

The set is simple to set up, you literally unfold and then its up to your child where they want to slot in everything else. So they can start playing straight away and given the number of construction pieces there is no limit to the different quirky types of mazes they can come up with. It is a great standalone item or you can keep building your HEXBUG world, with more sets so the nano’s can really stretch their mini legs!

Here is a video of the set so you can get a proper feel of it.

It is labelled as a 3+ toy and my 3 year old definitely loved it!

Head over to The Entertainer for more fabulous toys.

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