How To Iron Like Your Mum Sponsored Video

am not a huge fan of ironing, but then I could blame my equipment, our iron was
the most budget buy you could find at the time. We were watching our pennies and thought it’s only an iron;
surely we do not need to spend much! 
Given how long our clean washing stays in the basket before being
ironed, that was an elementary mistake, by then the creases are pretty much
established and set to stay forever…

It becomes a battle of the wills to try and get the
clothes looking close to presentable! I
am sure we must burn lots of calories with the effort of it! As I iron everything to an inch of its life
and it still looks a little dishevelled. 
Note to self must upgrade to a better model, something flashy with more
iron power.

film did make me giggle, but ironing is predominately done by the man of our
house anyway. Hubbie knows I was
getting close to putting our clothes under the mattress and hoping our weight
overnight would get the crinkles out! I
truly am that fed up with our current iron… daydreams idly about the Tefal GV8431 steam generator
revolutionising our lives!!!

My mum’s ironing style is to put on an
afternoon film and spend far too long ironing away, until either cramp sets in
or the film ends. I too think she needs
to investigate the exciting world of Tefal advanced ironing! Leaving us all with more time for cocktail
drinking and other more favourable hobbies!

Scientifically women are meant to be
better at ironing (according to MindLab International) but that does not mean
we enjoy it anymore than the males of the species (just saying!) – hmmm and was
that research funded by a rich male hoping to get out of his share of the

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This article has been sponsored by Tefal,
but the ramblings are my own.

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