imaginext Castle Review

little knight and king have been seeking a new castle worthy of their
adventures after the one I bought them last Christmas from the Early Learning
Centre was an epic fail! The Tower of
Doom did not live up to our lofty expectations, the monsters were “too scary”
and it did not seem to excite their imaginations. It has sadly been collecting dust in the corner of the playroom!


Well fear not The imaginext Castle on other hand is all
singing and all dancing, with sophisticated Action Tech, the castle reacts
differently to each accessory. The boys
keep returning to it again and again, it has so much to appeal to them;
youngest enjoys dressing the knights in their armour and picking a weapon for
them to hold whilst Eldest is enjoying launching weapons at anything that
moves! With a hideaway for treasure,
walls that breakaway for escape and a drawbridge to lower the boys were left
with plenty of features for long drawn out action scenes.



had to film a little video for the review of this Castle to show you just how
great it is, because I do not think my words alone would do it justice. ‘Tis most splendid!

There is plenty included in this set (three knights,
weapons and armour) so you do not need to spend more than the £59.99 purchase
price. But we have set our hearts on the
imaginext Castle Dragon and he will be one purchase Father Christmas most
definitely makes, because although its not necessary, we have been using a
Dinosaur to lead an assault on the castle quite well so far it would complete
the set nicely! We just need them to
bring out a damsel in distress so youngest stops nominating me for that role…


Let the battles commence! So pleased our toyologist testing is off to a flying start!



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