Jungle Junction Party Rocked

The Jungle Junction parties hosted last week with the lovely people from Flair and UKMums.TV were a huge
success. We had so much fun at ours. We had a handful of children chosen by youngest, he made sure he included his girlfriend… (shakes head, he is only three!!!).

I did a spot of face painting, with mixed success;
here is one of the better ones of Zooter, usually I nominate hubbie for face painting duties but he had to build the Jungle Junction toys (me with my infinite wisdom thought I would remove them from the box and they would be already built, how naive am I… luckily hubbie and two other parent helpers were quickly on the case, otherwise the children may have only admired the boxes!).

Everyone shout Jungle Junction!

A talented mummy made Jungle Junction palm trees with her fabulous cheese string modelling, which went down well with the children.

The Jungle Junction toys were very well received. So much so that us parents had a very relaxing time at the party, the toys did such a good time entertaining the children we could idly drink tea!

We had some thrilling races. And they were off…

We also managed to fit in a spot of colouring and some Plasticine modelling.

It was so hard picking a winner for each of the competitions, we just handed out the prizes at the end as luckily there was enough for everyone. On top of that each child had a little toy and two bath toys each to go home with. It left a few of them wanting Jungle Junction toys for Christmas!

It was great being part of Jungle Junction trending on twitter.

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