Jungle Junction Party

Tuesday the 18th of September we are hosting (alongside 14 other
bloggers) a Jungle Junction party!

have been waiting with anticipation the arrival of the party box, well lets
just say it did not disappoint. I did nearly faint seeing the contents. The giant box was literally bursting at the
seams and on opening it I could see why; it was crammed with an assortment of
loveliness! Party favours to hand out,
prizes for the fun suggested games, Jungle Junction sets to play with at the
party and even a Plasticine set!

on the contents of the party box, it is going to be a party to envy all other
parties. There shall be Jungle Junction
toys in abundance, fabulous sheets to colour, cakes to chomp and party games to

do not want anyone to miss out though! 
So whilst these parties are being hosted, you can follow @ukmumstv and the hashtag #JungleJunctionTwitterParty from 4pm – 6pm. Not only will you be kept up to date with
how all of us fifteen bloggers get on (“help party fatigue has set in, is it
wine o clock yet?”), you will also have a chance to win spot prizes, plus an
overall party prize. Exciting times!

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