Kellogg’s Special K Biscuit Moments Review

We were sent a generous amount of six packs of these
biscuits to review. Am not sure if
Kellogg’s are trying to fatten me up… not that they could even if they wanted
to with these. Each double pack of
biscuits has only 98 calories!

They come in Blueberry and the Strawberry variety we were
sent. I am not one for counting
calories but as the boys go off to school longer and longer I might need to
start! With less rushing around and a
very sweet tooth I inherited off my mum I think I will have to be careful…

So I may as well start finding treats I like now in
preparation, these are only 5% of your daily calories, which is not too bad at
all really. You could have a saintly
cup of tea with these; you could even be more reserved and eat the packet in
two sittings! But am not sure how many
people would be up to that challenge as they do taste quite nice…

My mum was at mine having a cuppa and when I whipped these
out her face sank! Have you not got any
chocolate bars in? She grumbled… well once she had taken a bite she gobbled up
both quick fast! They are sweet but
it’s a pleasant taste, not too overpowering and I like the vanilla drizzle it
sets the biscuit off quite nicely!

I am tempted to hand out a couple to my mummy friends at the
school gate as I have a feeling they would keen to get their hands on these!!!

Available to buy now from all major supermarkets for a
heavenly £1.99 a box.

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