Lakeland Vacuum Tote Review

I am so impressed with this, I knew these handy storage
options existed and then using a vacuum cleaner you could get rid of all the
air and compress everything but I had never got round to actually getting
one. I thought it might be like owning
lots of Tupperware and admitting to the world I am getting older… no longer am
I excited by shoes, cocktails and visits abroad, the excitement in my life
revolves around the household supplies at Lakeland!

having given the biggest bedroom to our eldest son, we are slightly squished in
our room, we had lots of blankets, bedding and a duvet chucked under the bed as
we have so little storage of our own now. 
Well hooray for Lakeland and this vacuum tote, its amazing how much its
reduced by.

The capacity is
approximately 195 litres so if you’re the same struggling for space, it be a
real lifesaver. Our room looks much
tidier now!

winter is upon us (unless we have a very late summer!) so for some with big
wardrobes (sadly mine is a capsule one sob cry!) it’s a chance to put away your
summer clothing till next year, keeping them protected against moisture, dust
and mildew. I actually quite fancy
these for holidays, sometimes its quite a struggle fitting everything into a
suitcase, but you could compress it in this and fit it in our tiny car boot no
problem. Freeing up room for my poor
cramped feet, which are usually surrounded by all manner of bags, plus hubbie’s
driving supplies…

had a moment of panic when we realised our vacuum hose was not a tight fit on
the valve but just holding it in place did the job just as well
fortunately! When the air is almost out
the hose goes quite taut so watch out as hubbie complained the vacuum fell on him
(he is very dramatic!!!). These are very
easy to use and bring welcome order to household chaos! The viewing window is useful, if your like
me and fairly ditsy least you can keep tabs with what is stored where before
you release everything from their air tight prison!!!

mean toys, magazines, books, art supplies in droves, so least this way you can
rely on your bedding being tucked tidy out of sight! As for everything else I have yet to come to a suitable solution,
aside from not having children in the first place!!!

Lakeland Underbed Vacuum Tote we were sent costs £18.99 but you can also buy
standard and jumbo variants to meet all your storage needs! Plus its fairly exciting watching the air
get sucked out and the clothes being reduced in size… the boys would be quite
happy just watching the magic of that again and again!

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