M3 Master Moves Mickey Review and Competition

my youngest being a HUGE Mickey fan I never bought him the Dance Star Mickey
that was very popular for Christmas 2011. 
I know many of my friends did buy them for their children but I wondered
about re-playability justified by the relatively high price. But having seen youngest play happily with
the latest version I realise that for him it would definitely have been worth
it. Youngest was mesmerised by him.

this is the third dancing Mickey model the dance movements are even more smooth
and realistic. Some of Mickey’s moves
look fairly complicated and its impressive a toy can actual do them so
well. These types of toys have come a
long way from the robotic pig I had that used to wiggle his tail, walk about a
bit and grunt. Mickey is doing
handstands, windmills and spin cycles with the ease of a true
professional! I used to look back fondly at my memories of that pig but now I feel slightly miffed I never had a dancing Mickey.

keeps returning to him again and again to dance, cuddle, and jump around
with. So I think the price of Β£69.99 (Smyths) for
this model although quite expensive is fair as this is a very advanced Mickey and will be much loved if the reaction of my youngest was anything to go by. He has over 15 fancy moves and
the music is pleasant enough to listen to even for adult ears. Some toys make a right racket and you long
desperately for the day the batteries run out, but Mickey is pretty funky and before you know it your feet will start mysteriously moving to the beat.

simply squeeze his nose to activate him, if he falls over he asks for help or
if you wait he rights himself. So a 2
year old could happily get the hang of using him. The
easiest way to see how much fun you can have with Mickey is a little video of
him in action. Here is youngest
strutting his stuff with his groovy new friend:

on his elder brother and him donned their baseball hats on (to join Mickey in
his modern dance gear!) and had another good workout. It is a great toy to get children active and up and moving
around. Mickey seemed to work well on
our carpets too, it is recommended to use him on a hard surface but he coped
amicably. That evening the boys slept
soundly! Hooray for toys that wear them

great toy for genuine Mickey fans.

You can find out more from the official website.

We have been kindly offered one as a prize for my blog, please fill out the rafflecopter below by the 2nd of October if you would like a chance to win!

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166 thoughts on “M3 Master Moves Mickey Review and Competition

  1. My two year old and my 5 year old both love dancing and regularly dance together. Mickey Mouse is a firm favourite in this house and my boys often ask to have the CD on so they can dance to the music from the show.

  2. My little girl has only just started walking but everytime she hears music she rocks from side to side, waves her arms about and nods her head!

  3. I'm sure all kids like dancing, before the 'self concious' feeling arrives! My son did and my grandaughters do especially when their silly Mum/Grandma joins in as she is now passed the self concious phase and no longer cares what people think!

  4. Both my children do, my daughter swings her hips and my son break dances, he does stop though when he sees me watching πŸ™

  5. Funnily enough, my son doesn't like dancing in front of anyone, every now and again he will have a random dance moment but other wise he runs to his bedroom and dances! x

  6. Morning, Jacob now three going on thirty, loves singing and dancing, he like most is a cheeky imp, reciting nursery rhymes, and dancing, to most songs

  7. Absolutely. She's the one dragging me onto the dance floor at her parties (even when it's a bouncy castle and magician party!) and she is over the moon with excitement because she has just started ballet.

  8. My little sister is a hilarious dancer, any time music comes on the tv, she twists and shakes. I life her and spin her around with a little song I made up 'we're dancing, dancing, spinning around'. She's starting to sing along now which is very cute πŸ™‚

  9. Both my little ones love to dance. My youngest is mad on us all holding hands to form a circle and then spinning for the whole song..! dizzy.com xx

  10. My 10 year old loves it but unfortunately she's been "blessed" with my sense of rhythm poor kid. My 9 month old has just started dancing however and rhythm or not he looks adorable!

  11. Both my sons love dancing. My eldest is 8 and into street dance, and the youngest copies everything he does. It's such a hoot to watch them!

  12. My youngest LOVES dancing! We went to a holiday park in the summer, and she was in her element at the kids club every evening, dancing until she was almost asleep on her feet. It was so sweet to watch πŸ™‚ She is only 3, but for her birthday we bought her a cheap mp3 player and some kids headphones, she puts it on and dances around in her own little world πŸ™‚

  13. yes my 5 year old daughter constantly has the ipod on, her favourite is katie perry, she is a great dancer!!!

  14. He has loved dancing since he could sit up. Anything with a beat makes him jig now, but he always insists on wearing his Bob The Builder hat.

  15. my little girl loves to dance and her favourite characters are mickey and minnie so this is a winner I think x

  16. Firstly WOW to Mickey and AWWW to your wee boy πŸ˜€ My little one loves dancing, but her taste in music is suspect – Nikki Minaj is her favourite at the moment :/?

  17. oh yes my 3 daughters love dancing, my 1st and 2nd daughter want to join a street dance class and my baby loves dancing away to the chart music especially 'today i dont fell like doing anything' x

  18. I am entering for my niece, she loves dancing & jumps up when the breaks come on tv, waiting for something to dance to!

  19. All the time, my son Jake's favorite song is "Im Sexy And I Know It" and dances like mad haha his forever singing Micky mouse club house too lol x so sweet x

  20. my grandson loves mickey mouse, but he's not that keen on dancing which is a shame because its such good exercise

  21. my little one is dancing all the time to we wish you a merry christmas atm (which her elder sister taught her) so having mickey would be a blessed break ! lol

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