Melissa & Doug Paint with water Review

We were very pleased to see this booklet of pictures with a
little embedded paint palette at the top of each page. It also came complete with a paintbrush, so youngest was all set to get creative straight away, just needing a small
amount of water to unleash his inner artist! Rather than mummy having to scrabble around the house looking everywhere for a paintbrush, hidden amongst the many pens (most without tops!) and broken crayons!!!

I am generally a fan of Melissa & Doug products anyway,
so knew we were likely to have a positive experience with this. They seem to put a lot of thought into their products and manage to make them appeal to children AND parents.

It was a great item as it was relatively mess free, much easier
than bringing out lots of different coloured pots of paint, with the potential
to knock them flying all over the place. 
Our lampshade in the kitchen is actually dotted with red paint from one
of their painting sessions, so this is a much more welcome option. My boys still get to be artistic but the
house survives the experience too! The
small amount of paint that made it on to our coffee table, even wiped off. Lots of fun was had all round (and moments of deep concentration!)

I think it would be perfect for holidays, as it’s easy to
pack and with twenty pictures there are lots to keep them busy. You could also pack another paintbrush, as
the paints are on each page so no arguing over who has access to what colour
all the time! Hooray one less reason for

Youngest was slightly generous with the application of water
so his paint section got destroyed by the end of the activity, but eldest had
no such problem. The pictures are big
and bold depicting lots to interest my boys. 
We had the blue version but there is a pink one too, catering for girls
with princesses, a mermaid and so fourth! 
My boys had a space rocket, a train, a fire engine and lots of different
animals. A strong contender for a extra Christmas present.

Very proud of his masterpiece

Available to buy soon from toys r us (definitely in time for
Christmas so do not panic!).

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