Mixy Dream Girl Review

These are lovely little sets perfect for any princess. They are for children aged 5+, but my son gave the review set we had to his girlfriend who is 3 (almost 4), although she is a very mature and sensible!

She had a fantastic time making jewellery with her older sister. She did however struggle with some of the clipping together, but then she was younger than the age recommendation. Any 5 year old would be a whizz at this and as the set is aimed for them, I can hardly grumble.

There are plenty of beads to come up with a unique design, a necklace or a pretty bracelet, something to be really proud of. The next morning, she was so desperate to show me her handiwork she waited for me at school. The chunky pieces are very modern and the colours and designs well suited to little girls.

There are lots of different Mixy sets available all with different themes, so whatever your little girl loves you will find something appealing for them here. If they adore animals you could get the furry friends pack or if they prefer music and dancing there is a dance showcase set.

With so many options to personalise jewellery to their taste its an activity they will never tire of and can even keep changing what they make depending on their outfit for the day! The packs are exciting with the addition of 1 mystery bead… oooh the intrigue!

To find out more about Mixy head to the website, this Dream Girl set is available to buy from Amazon.

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