Orion Books Review Round Up

were sent three more great books to review. 
Books make great inexpensive presents for Christmas. We tend to pick something they will really
love each year, to make sure Christmas is not just dominated by electronic
gadgetry and hocus-pocus! Spotting
books are always well received by youngest, he has had the Where’s Wally books
and Where’s different Smurfs, so we were at a loss what he could spot next! Luckily Orion Books came to the rescue with
“Where’s Dogmatix?” (RRP £8.99).

I remember being a fan of Asterix when I was a child, it’s
a fond trip down memory lane leafing thorough the pages of this book. The spotting leaves enough of a challenge
for your child without being too hard! 
Handily if they are struggling the solutions are at the back of the
book. You could give a younger child a
little clue or two if you wanted to be kind or work your way through the book
together, a nice family activity before bedtime.

The scenes are very colourful with lots of action in them! Very appealing for boys with lots of
soldiers, commotion and some silliness! 
The pages are crammed with an assortment of characters, animals, weapons
and armour so you really do spend quite a lot of time on each page.

There is also a little challenge to determine if you’re a
champion, by totting up the number of bones you have been awarded for each page

I cannot believe somehow “Where’s Asterix?” went under our
fantastic book spotting radar! So that
is one we shall be adding to the Christmas list to play catch up.

My eldest son is pretty crazed about two things at the moment,
Skylanders and Deadly 60; his morning is not complete until he has had an
episode of it before heading off to school. 
He loves soaking up all the information about the different species of
animals around the world and all their unique features. So for him he was ecstatic to add a book to
his routine.

Before bed now, he is
learning all about Insects and Spiders, thanks to this useful fact book. Am surprised he can go to bed with all those
pictures of creepy crawlies in his head, but he does quite happily! I love encouraging his fascination with
wildlife and will be adding the Mammal fact book to his Christmas stocking!

Finally we returned to Buffin Street with “The Haunted
House of Buffin Street” (RRP £4.99). 
But all is not as it seems so do not worry if you think your children
will be in the wrong frame of mind to drift off to sleep there is a twist!

The crafty pets of Buffin Street come up
with a plan to stop one of their friends and his owners moving away. Would you buy a house that appeared
haunted? I would not; I would run a
mile unless Sam and Dean (off Supernatural) were there to hold my hand!

At the back of the book are some useful questions to ask
you child to see how much they understood of the story and reinforce their
experience of the book.

Another lovely addition to the Early Reader series

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