Play-Doh Candy Cyclone Review

is the second review from our lovely Toys R Us box 1. Youngest was the most excited to see this, as he is Play-Doh
mad. He absolutely adores the stuff! I am of a mixed opinion, I love seeing the
boys happy but the little spots left on my carpet not so much. Having said that now youngest is three, he
seems to be handling it with more skill and has stopped trying to eat it! Phew, especially given this set is all about
creating sweets and lollipops so very tempting for children anyway…



It is available to buy from Toys R Us for £24.99 so is
quite an affordable present for Christmas.
It is relatively easy to set up; it must be, as I did not have to wait
for hubbie to do it for me, just twist and click into place viola!!! So simple my eldest can do it, which is what
we hope for as parents set them off on a little task then come back later to
admire their sweet creations (having caught up on a couple of chores!).



The boys had a strict quality control system, you can guess which of these did not make the cut! Only the finest candy was good enough for my two (but if you do not put enough Play-Doh in the cyclone you do get more sketchy looking gumballs, so always be generous and then you can watch the gumballs run down the ramp in a flourish!).



is one toy they seem to have worked together on amicably, taking turns to use
the device to make the little gumballs (the highlight of the toy!). We did start off with very vivid coloured
sweets, a rainbow of colours, now everything is green! So the Play-Doh Candy Cyclone is favouring
mint production at the moment according to the boys. But this is not lessening the fun in anyway. Another great thing with Play-Doh is it does
last well when sealed back in the pot.
We are bringing it out again, rolling it in our hands and then its
almost as soft and pliable as it was on its first use.


set comes with a few tools and the lollipop sticks. There is also an assortment of different candy shapes dotted all
over the equipment and on two little trays, which you can add some Play-Doh too
and create more (non)edible delights.
Making lollipops is quite straightforward too; you just use the special
syringe tool and squeeze it out then wrap around one of the sticks.


the globe has a door for ease of access to clean. If your playdoh gets particularly crusty a little scrape and your
back in business again, making mints!
Some sets have been more problematic; once I had one with hair that grew
on a character and short of a pneumatic drill the old Play-Doh was not budging
from inside them!


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