Small Beginnings Learning Books

We were sent six of these great educational books from
Autumn Children’s Books. I had not come
across these ones before. We are fans
of learning books as a family; we enjoy sitting down and trying to coax some
knowledge into them. It is the perfect
opportunity to switch off the TV and put Skylanders on hold for a short while
and just take an interest in their development.

I have the eldest back at school I can commit more time to my youngest without
a fight breaking out about who is getting more attention off mummy! So I have enjoyed working my way through the
books with him. He has responded really
well to them and is coming along great. 
Each book is for children 3+ and is bright and colourful to engage
them. The reward system whereby on
completion of a double page you get a sticker for your book, seems a clever
motivation that really works!

books each have a wide variety of different activities so youngest stayed
interested. Usually with his attention
span he is off with the fairies five minutes after we start anything, but we
were able to complete a fair few pages in each sitting. He was counting, matching words, colouring
in, doing dot to dot and plenty more all with a flourish.

an RRP of £3.99 each, you are getting lots of value for money. Each book has plenty to keep them occupied
and give them a little head start in life.

can find out more about the range and the other fantastic books available by
this publisher over at their website, I have earmarked some for Christmas:

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