Sylvanian Families Campervan Review

We were sent this sweet
pastel Campervan (RRP £39.99) and the Ginger Cat Family (RRP £15.99) from Flair to review.

My youngest was absolutely
thrilled with it all, he has been emptying the campervan and then rearranging
all the bits and bobs that came with it. 
I was worried at first when I read the box as it said Campervan
accessories sold separately but was relieved to see you got plenty of pieces in
there anyway – a little pan, kettle, a soap, a sponge, a clock, draws and so
forth (over 30 pieces in total, but no figures).

The little features are what make Sylvanian Families a lovely
choice for imaginative play, I have sat next to youngest whilst he serves me
cups of tea and sponges my face clean!

has not tired of this toy and returns to it again and again, so much so that it
has made the hard decision of what to get him for Christmas much easier… His
brother has a long list of Skylanders and a 3DS (keep dreaming about that one
unless Father Christmas wins the lottery!) but youngest wanted a shoe with a
handle, a sand house and a walking lion! 
I was worried about what on earth I could get with that obscure list! Luckily now its all Sylvanian Families, he
wants the Treehouse (£49.99), more accessories for our tea parties and some
pyjamas for the cats to wear so they do not have to sleep naked!

price is fair for the level of detailing and quality is overall very good, we
did have one small issue with the little knives in the set when I popped them
out of the plastic they snapped! 
Luckily youngest is more than happy serving my dinner with a fork for me
to eat. The sets are aimed at children
4-7 and can appeal to girls and boys, our eldest who is five though, will play
but not with the same genuine delight and relish of his little brother. He did however get very excited when he
realised the little clock back could peel off and then it would stick on to the
campervan wall! We all do love the attention
to detail in this set.

figures are very sweet and it’s nice for children to play with softer kinder
characters not scary monsters or ogres all the time! It is all very civilised with our genteel tea drinking sessions. Sylvanian Families are celebrating their 25th
year this year and I am pleased to see them remaining popular!

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One thought on “Sylvanian Families Campervan Review

  1. My niece who's 10 absolutely loves them and has a huge collection now! They are very collectable and definitely can make your life easier if you are looking for Christmas and Birthdays ideas lol.

    Whats that shoe with a handle thing by the way? Or is it something your son imagined but really wanted? What is it again? *blink*

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