Teddy Bears Brainbox Review and Competition

This is not our first introduction into Brainbox games;
eldest has been happily playing “My First Pictures” (aged 4+) for some time
now. So it’s great youngest can play
too now, the Teddy Bears version is for children 3+. The teddy bears pictures are very appealing for that age, they
are beautifully illustrated by Rikey Austin of the Alice’s Bear Shop, they even
have a teddy bear hospital, rescuing and restoring teddies in need (awww!).

pictures are all about the bears and their little adventures, so you see a
pirate, a chef, an astronaut and plenty more exciting scenarios. The game is made of good quality strong
pieces of card, which is always a good thing if you’re aiming at the
heavy-handed 3-year-old market!

games are great for giving your brain a good workout. We enjoyed playing as a family, hubbie and I desperately need to
work on our observation and recall skills. 
My friends often complain I am disappointing for gossip, as I never
remember anything!

picture card has questions on the reverse, after the timer runs out you have to
attempt to answer all the questions. If
you do you get to keep the card. I was surprised
how quickly our youngest got the hang of it and soon realised the types of
things he should look out for to help him answer the questions. You can also roll the dice and then just
answer the numbered question that corresponds with it. But whichever way you play this is one game
you will find yourself returning to again and again.

is very educational and a game that will grow with your child, obviously as
they get older they will be able to read the questions themselves and not rely
on mummy and daddy doing it!

have been offered one of these to giveaway, to enter please complete the
rafflecopter below by the 26th of September.

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117 thoughts on “Teddy Bears Brainbox Review and Competition

  1. Hi, I was actually looking at these games in Chester Zoo at the weekend! They had The World and The Animal editions, they look fantastic. This would be perfect for my little girl.

  2. This looks like the ideal games for my little one to play wither her older siblings. Finding games that work with all ages is always tricky.

  3. Morning, sunny but cold, in Essex, but we are now without doubt, in the fall, these look great, and would them for Jacob, hope you and family well, thanks for comp, have a great week

  4. Well done on becoming a toyologist hun, this is how I fount your blog by checking out the winners! Hopefully one year I'll be successful in getting on the Toyologist team! Thanks for hosting another great competition!

    Jade from Unique Young Mummy Blog xx

  5. What a great game – I have never come across Brainbox games before so it's lovely to read a review. I love games we can all sit and play together on a rainy day and I'll definitely have a look at this one.

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