The Fabulous Bakin’ Boys Review

We have been completely
spoilt being sent a lovely box of treats to review, crammed to the brim with
mini cupcakes, flapcakes and mini muffins. 
For this cake-crazed household it was a dream opportunity! I do buy The Fabulous Bakin’ Boys cupcakes
on a regular basis as hubbie and the boys love them, but we did not know about
the mini range.

mini range is just so cute, little individually wrapped cakes, the perfect size
for a treat, without giving your children too much. I think I will be using these in the boys’ party bags from now
on, as they would work out as cheap but lovely fillers. It can get expensive buying lots of toys and
treats for them, so this way you can do it on a budget! Given how keen my son’s friends are if I
bring one out of my bag at collecting from school time, I have a feeling there
would be no complaints!

flavours are lovely; the dainty cupcakes have tasty toppings (Vanilla,
Raspberry and Chocolate) and a moist sponge. 
The mini muffins were appealing with their hidden chocolate or blueberry
filling (the picture on the box does make it look like its literally bursting
out of the cake, its not that dramatic but it is on the whole quite tasty!).

eldest wolfed the flapjacks down and I enjoyed mine, hubbie complained his was
not buttery enough (but I think it was more of an excuse to up his cake quota
instead!). The flavours were chunky
chocolate, chunky buttery and chunky berry. 
So whatever you fancy eating Bakin’ Boys have a treat for you!

Even Elmo wants to get in on the action!

love their slogan “A cupcake a day keeps the grumpies away”; well I can
certainly agree with the therapeutic power of cake (and flapjacks)! I need treats as a well earnt reward and to
give me a little boost of energy for blogging when the boys go to bed. So this box should keep me grinning madly
like a Cheshire cat. The only problem I
have now is after seeing the package all my friends want to pop over for a
cuppa! The lure of The Fabulous Bakin’
Boys goes far and wide…

sister in law said I hope they have long use by dates; I was like you expect
them to be hanging about! I have a
month and a half to eat them, with my gluttonous family and friends; I do not
think that is a mammoth task! Although
obviously cake eating shall be done in moderation supplemented by lots of fruit
snacks… (For my boys anyway for the adults we shall gorge!).

all the cakes and flapjacks are baked in a nut free zone and have only natural

over to the website for more information:

them on facebook:

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