Tomy EPIC Giveaway

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Tomy have very kindly donated four lovely prizes to celebrate my toyologist news.

Cue an impressive drum roll… the
four prizes on offer are:

A Night
Night Pooh
 (RRP £29.99) Awwwwww

Bedtime might not be such a struggle
when you can soothe and settle your little ones with a lullaby and a calming
glowing candle. We have tried all
manner of nightlights but I wish we had spotted this one earlier. I like that it automatically switches itself
off after 10 minutes so when your child is sleepy enough they should just nod
off. Plus Winnie the Pooh looks so
sweet in his little nightgown and nightcap, simply adorable!

A Rainbow Aquadoodle (RRP £24.99)

We have had Aquadoodle before just
not a rainbow version, ours used to turn blue and that still gave HOURS of
fun. The boys even used to use a little
tub of water and do footprints and handprints on there. 
Then they just waited for it to dry and started the fun all over
again. A really great toy and no mess!

A Pikachu Pokémon (RRP £29.99)

A lovely plush toy to add to an
ever-growing Pokémon collection. As
boys get older they do not like to admit they like soft toys for sleeping. But I think Pikachu would be proudly
displayed on any boys bed come night time, especially after a day spent recreating
adventures from the show. It is a good thing they are sending the prizes out to
the winner as I think if the Pikachu Pokémon was in temporary residence
here; eldest would have him in hiding to try and keep him!

A Mixy Dream Girl Set
(RRP £5.99)

This prize is a little
girls dream, a set to make jewellery that is easy to clip together so no
problem for them to get involved and be creative! With lots of collectable
beads and gems your jewellery will be unique and individual to their style.

These prizes are being pitched as
some of the big sellers for Christmas so for one lucky winner, this bundle will
get Christmas off to a flying head start! For everyone else sorry I cannot pick you all as winners, but keep an eye on these and start shopping earlier, nothing worse than “out of stock” emergencies before the big day, wrestling with other customers for the last Night Night Pooh!

Please complete the rafflecopter by the 29th of September to enter.
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257 thoughts on “Tomy EPIC Giveaway

  1. Little man already has his eye on a Pikachu Pokemon and seeing some stores are already displaying Christmas stuff has begun asking how long till the big day. (I do wish they wouldn't put Christmas stuff out so early it's so difficult explaining to young children that it's still a very long time to go until it is actually Christmas, they have no idea of that sort of time frame and think it must be very soon)

  2. Fab prizes, just in time for Christmas 🙂 All prizes would come in handy with the size of my ever growing family….1 daughter, 1 son, 12 nephews, 7 nieces, and one on the way!!!! 🙂

  3. Morning, me again, well Jacob and Lily, would love us to buy them "Hamleys", short of lottery win, no!Jacob cars & pirated Lily my little pony, have a great day

  4. I think its got to be The Roaring Raa Raa toys. My three grandchildren would love them. There mother would be grateful of some peace for a while too.

  5. Night Night Pooh would make a lovely Christmas present for my youngest nephew. This lovely Pooh Bear would certainly soothe him off to sleep. 🙂

  6. My daughter would like any Disney Princess present or the Teacup piggies which are quite cute. Her younger sister would be delighted with an aquadoodle.

  7. the aqua doodle for my wee one, she loves drawing and more than anything playing with water. So the perfect combination for her.

  8. sorry, misread post. my daughter is too young to have any heart-sts, and will probably be just ashappy with the box, especially if she can put things in it!

  9. My youngest daughter loves drawing and has always wanted an Aquadoodle, think it is going on her Christmas wish list.

  10. I have a 7yo autistic son and think the pooh may well help him calm down at night. He'd probably love both the Pokemon and the Aquadoodle.

  11. Sophie adores Pooh Bear & I have been thinking about actually getting The Night night pooh for her for Christmas/Birthday as I know she will love him.

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