twinkl Review

We jumped at the opportunity to review an online learning
resources site. I often lack
inspiration to come up with fun and educational activities for my boys, I think
the hours of missed sleep over the years has helped the dust bunnies take
permanent residence and my brain cells are feeling well and truly
frazzled. So it’s great to have a place
to go to for useful ideas and printable sheets to accompany them.

If you scour the Internet its quite possible to come
across the odd free resource here and there, but the difference here is that
its all housed in one place. You can
save time and effort, heading here straight away; paying a very reasonable sum
of £29.99 to have premium access for a whole year for the whole site! I could probably spend more than that in a particularly bad couple of weeks on chocolate and cake… so it’s a small price to pay for a wealth of informative
suggestions at your fingertips!

I did my PGCE many a moon ago and if I had been focused on
primary school aged children I would have definitely wanted access to this, it
would have given me a head start adjusting to life in the classroom, preparing
well thought out and considered lessons ensuring all maths and literacy needs
are met. The site is very easy to
navigate around and find what you are looking for and twinkl seems to have a
fantastic team behind them, so you can rely on new resources being added all
the time.

My son is playdoh mad so finding playdoh counting mats to
print (and then laminate) was absolutely perfect for him. He can do with spending more time learning
to recognise what the numbers look like, so this will be a great
motivation. He will not even guess he
is learning, as he will be mesmerised working with his favourite material.

Eldest is quite fond of Maths and the teacher’s say he has
an aptitude to it, so he enjoyed working through some from that section.

Deep in thought:

Some of the resources on twinkl are free to use, so it’s
up to you if you wanted to upgrade to premium. 
But I think it’s worth a visit and seeing how much your family could
benefit. Print off some sheets, give
your children some colours, sit down, drink hot tea, nibble on cake, and rub
your halo as your giving your children excellent learning opportunities!!! Then admire their work, return to computer,
print and repeat cake eating exercise! 
What’s not to love?

I highly recommend this for parents and teachers
alike. A big thumbs up from us!

Head over to to see for yourself.

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