Weaponizer Optimus Prime

This is our fourth review from the toyologist BOX; hubbie thought the Weaponizer Optimus Prime was quite good once you got the hang of it. I on the other hand looked at the instructions and felt like I needed a degree in engineering to transform it from an action figure to a vehicle. But I am not very technical at the best of times, he is the hands on person in our family, I just tend to look slightly lost a lot like Bambi.


It is pitched as 5+ but our five your old has not mastered building it yet. I think you need to be quite strong to move some of the pieces into position. But the boys both enjoyed seeing the transformation happen and were quite amazed to see another item in its place!



This is priced at £34.99 and it does in my opinion have enough features for the money (but is a little on the expensive side), you get the fun of changing it, playing with it as a figure or a truck, you can enjoy the noise of the weapons and attach them in different positions. Youngest has enjoyed pushing the truck form along the floor.


The robot form can move his arms and legs and head, so he can get involved in action scenes. The weapon deployment is quite exciting, when they pop out of the vehicle dramatically.

I am guessing an older child would be quite happy adding this to their collection. It does look fairly impressive even though the quality could be better; the wheels and plastic casing particularly feel quite cheap, especially considering the retail price. Saying that with big named products, such as Transformers, you are paying more for the branding. Although hubbie gives it the thumbs up overall as he liked the design so that’s good enough for me (I am not in a position to disagree seeing as it would still be in the box if it was left to me!).

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  1. We loved transformers in our house, though my son is past the age of playing with them. i still keep them and hope to pass them on in may years to come to grand children. Though he is only 13!

  2. lol bless! But some things are so worth keeping as they are very expensive, we are going to hang on to the Duplo! 🙂 x

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