Aldi Baking Supplies

We love baking here, whether we cheat slightly
and get a ready-made cake mix for the bread maker or do it all from scratch, we
very much enjoy the end result! So it’s
great that you can stock up affordably at Aldi. With the cost of luxuries in life spiralling out of control, cake
is one habit I have no plan to give up and thanks to Aldi I don’t have to…

The Madeira Cake Mix made a surprisingly tasty cake, enjoyed by myself, visiting friends and my boys. You can also get a fudge one (now we’re talking!).

It is handy having a few packets of cake mix in, then you can just prime the bread maker and enjoy a delicious portion of cake when you have a craving and realise the cupboards are bare!

I have big plans for the Marzipan and Icing to attempt our own Christmas cake. With packets like that making the process easier, I can just roll out and viola ready for decorating. I will enjoy all the praise piled on me when my mum see’s the cake and keep quiet about the shortcuts I took.

Keep an eye on the Aldi website and you to may be pleasantly surprised by what’s on offer.

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