Badger The Mystical Mutt and the Crumpled Capers Review

it comes to bedtime my eldest does have a favourite, he wants another helping
of his latest badger book. When the new
instalment arrived in our house there was yet another moment of great excitement,
especially when the adorable authors kindly signed it for him again.

has slowly cemented his way into being a firm favourite. The wording is often hilarious which keeps
children of this age interested. Each
story involves a spot of bother or a tricky situation that requires a group of
friends working together, with some magic thrown in for good measure. The Crumpled Capers is no exception here we
have Timmy the cat desperate to be accepted into the dog only gang. Having two cats and a dog who never quite
see eye to eye eldest totally understood that element of the story!

first stories to introduce difficult topics like bullying, being accepted, and
making friends. Using Badger books is
an excellent way of opening communication channels with how your child gets on
at school. Often it’s hard to get
information out of them, but by discussing it like this they might start to
volunteer bits of their experiences with you. 
You can reassure them as the Badger books always end on an enjoyable
high note (cats and dogs can be pals after all!), with determination, the help
of your friends and toast the world if your oyster!

have every intention to send my dog and cats to the Peaceful Living
Organisation for Pooches and Pussycats
, thanks for the fabulous idea
Badger! Now all I need is someone to
actually set one up…

now await the next instalment! So Mc
Nicol & Jackson please kindly drop everything and keep writing, my son is
completely hooked!

to buy from their online shop for a reasonable £7.50 (including postage)

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