Bisto Stock Melts Review

I love these new stock melts, they are so easy to use and
are inspiring me to be braver in the kitchen! 
Usually my speciality is beans on toast, but I am trying lots
harder. It was fabulous getting this package in the post and the incentive I needed to get cooking!

Hubbie was especially impressed
with my Chicken and Leak Risotto. Photo
wise it does not do it justice, it all looks like one colour, but the taste was
sublime even if I do say so myself, but then it had garlic, a lovely chicken
Bisto stock melt and plenty of wine.

Only problem is now I have made something so lovely, hubbie is looking
at me to make more, but I like him carrying the cooking mantle. Luckily hubbie
did make a beef casserole with youngest, once everything was chopped up, he was
happy to load them into the slow cooker dish.

The end result was a warm hearty meal, that even the boys would happily eat some of.

Youngest looked the part thanks to the lovely chef hat and apron they
sent. I love the PR company as much as
this new product, how thoughtful of them to include something useful that helps
encourage my boys to play an active role in the kitchen.

Bisto stock melts come in Chicken, Beef and Vegetable varieties, each pack has
6 and there is no limit to what you can create with them. With it getting colder, you can enjoy soups
and casseroles, but you can even use it to make tasty sauces to complement most
meals. They really do bring lots of
great flavours to the dish and I love how you can just chuck them into what
your cooking and they melt in with no mess. 
So convenient to use and work out lots cheaper than buying different herbs separately to season.

would definitely buy more of these, available in supermarkets now, for £1.89.

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