Dragon Chase Review

Well box 2 has landed and off we go again reviewing toys like there is no tomorrow!  I would space them over the month but the boys cannot resist getting stuck in this time.
is quite an exciting board game with the dragon whooshing around knocking
jewels flying.  Eldest and youngest both
thought it was fantastic; mummy critic was a little harsher on her verdict.  The problem being that to unleash the dragon
you need to roll the dragon picture (on the dice), so we nearly went a whole
trip round the board without any dragon chasing going on…
just down to chance whether you actually land on the dragon picture (which is
only one of the  six sides of the dice). 
It would have been nice to have a few dragon areas on the board as well,
so if the dice keeps landing on a number, you still get to see the dragon in
action.  Otherwise you have a fantastic
concept and a very redundant dragon!
when it’s on a roll and you keep getting him, you really are poised and feel
the tension building up.  Will it knock
my jewel off? There are safe spots dotted around the board too, where you can
take off your jewel and then your safe from the dragon if it was on the
rampage!  Although the dragon unless
positioned correctly just skims over the tops of the jewels not doing
anything!  You do need to regularly
adjust it to make sure it can actually knock off the jewels (we spent a few
goes watching and testing to get it right!).
is well made and sturdy and I really do like the game idea.  It is fun, thrilling and a welcome addition
to our ample games collection.  If you
are willing to overlook the little niggles, it really is a great game, perfect
for children 3+ and good value at £17.99.
can purchase this from Toys R Us now.

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