Fudgeridoo Review

have always loved fudge, the texture and the delicious sweet taste… but now I
have found Fudgeridoo, I have been spoilt rotten! I will be hard pressed to have anything else, when I have
savoured such indulgent and unique flavours. 
It would be like going back to riding a pushbike after having the thrill
of a Harley Davidson!

fudge looks very appetising, some are quite colourful and are topped
with chocolate, Smarties or little bits of meringue. Thankfully it’s more than just a visual appreciation as the
flavour is simply heavenly. I love the
combination of ingredients; everything is well matched to appeal to very
grateful taste buds!

was given a gift box with Tutti Frutti, Lemon Meringue, Girls Night In
(Strawberry and Chocolate) and Triple Layer (Vanilla, Chocolate and
Caramel). My eldest and hubbie loved
the Tutti Frutti, it was fruity and colourful decorated with sugar

I could not get enough of the
Girls Night In, it was studded with chunks of chocolate and marshmallows, when
it ran out I wanted more straight away! 
I think asking for reviewers is a clever ploy to get us all hooked on their

Lemon Meringue was very lemony with a great fresh taste. I am not usually a fan of lemon or meringue
but I still kept trying it to make my mind up, until I had ate it all… I think
that says everything!

love how they are presented in these cute black and pink branded boxes. They would make appealing gifts for anyone
with a sweet tooth or for a treat for yourself just because!

an eye on their facebook page as they have a great giveaway at the moment for a
bumper selection of Kimmi Junior products,
which closes on the 20th of October. Plus as a fan you can drool over the pictures of the fudge in its
glory! I had to get more and will be
working my way through such delights as Chocolate Junkyard, Rolo, Toblerone
and Millionaires Fudge… whilst catching up with Downton Abbey!

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