Gyro-Botz Deluxe Battle Arena Review

The box caused somewhat of a stir…

But first impressions I
think they need to address the word deluxe, “cheap flimsy plastic Battle
Arena” would be a more suitable title! 
Even with the go faster stripes there is no getting past that. It is a shame as it does let it down, but I
guess it is priced competitively, so you cannot have everything! Although I think I would have preferred to pay
slightly more for an improvement on the arena, you really need that part to
last as then you can just add to your Gyro-Botz collection individually as time
goes on.

despite this the Gyro-Botz themselves
are well made and the boys enjoyed playing with the set. It looks quite impressive when they go down
the ramp at speed and get battling. The
winner is the Gyro-Botz left
spinning at the end, so you do feel an element of excitement watching the fast
paced action, wondering which Gyro-Botz with reign supreme.

Daddy is obviously a sore loser!!!

for long-term appeal they do not seem that keen to return to it. There is not a huge amount you can do with
the set. Aside from battling you can
bounce them and try and do tricks, so I guess there is scope to do more. But it was not a wow factor toy for us, the
tricks and bouncing left lots to be desired, unless of course we need to refine
our Gyro-Botz handling skills…

the plus side it’s a handy present for Christmas as it requires no time to set
up, just unwrap and viola you are good to go! 
A redeeming factor I guess, as it is easier if not everything they open
on the day requires hours of building. 
Christmas fatigue sets in and you are left with no energy to eat
Christmas pudding, sad times indeed!

Available to buy from Toys R Us in time for Christmas.

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