Hallmark’s Story Buddy Range, Meet Bigsby!

boys love books, night time routine would not be complete without a bedtime
story and a snuggle with their favourite soft toys. Well this combination just got better as now you can have an
adorable soft monster in the shape of Bigsby and a book, but with the added
difference that the soft toy actually interacts with the book! When you read the red sections of the book,
Bigsby has something to add himself!

I thought I had seen it all when it comes to book possibilities;
our well-laden bookshelves bear testimony to that! We have ones that make sounds, ones you can add your hand inside
as a puppet, jigsaw ones, textured ones… But nothing like this!

Bigsby would be another lovely addition for
Halloween. To show the softer side of
monsters, they can be good friends and very nice to meet! There are two more books to buy in the set,
so it’s something you can expand upon relatively inexpensively
(£5.99 each).

looks so great youngest desperately wanted one on his Christmas list, when he
spotted it on the Internet. I do not
have the heart to give it to him yet, as we are running out of things to
actually get them for the BIG day. We
are getting closer to Christmas and they have reviewed almost solidly for a
year now, what do you get the boys who have had everything!

is a video from Hallmark showing him in action:

costs £19.99 which is a pretty good price given all his extra features. A quality soft toy alone can set you back
£15, so to get a book that Bigsby can talk along with on top, is quite special.

know my youngest will have a look of wonderment when he sets eyes on this on
Christmas day! We just need to buy
Watson for eldest… Watson is the cutest lovable raccoon you could ever
meet! Otherwise we might have a grumpy
older child, very jealous of Bigsby! 
This might be a good push to encourage him to read aloud more often.

to buy in Hallmark Stores, good independents and at Hallmark

3 thoughts on “Hallmark’s Story Buddy Range, Meet Bigsby!

  1. Ohhhh he's lovely. So often when brands try and make complimentary teddies to go with books / ranges, they're really ugly and poorly made. Looks like a lot of thought went into him. He's gorgeous!

  2. He's lovely, reminds me of the monster from where the Wild Things Are! I have to agree about you saying that you thought you'd seen everything re: kids books, I feel the same!

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